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Travel Tracker Pro - GPS
If you travel a lot, especially to nature, you probably wanted to mark your route on the map so that you can then return to this place and follow the same route. By doing so, you can share your itinerary with your friends. Fortunately, GPS is now available on all smartphones and can be used for location and route planning with the help of various applications.

In most applications, there is no way to mark and save paths, so a special program is needed for this, and today Travel Tracker Pro - is available to you to resolve this issue. By running this software, you can automatically register the route of your travels on the map. In addition, you can place photos you have taken anywhere on the map at exactly the same point on the map. You can use different services to post photos.

Please note, the application is for those who love travel and tourism and allows them to share their routes with others and view the routes shared by others.

  • Automatic route recording along with photos taken along the route on a world map
  • Using Google Maps and OpenStreetMap
  • Ability to use,, Google Photos, and so on
  • Ability to view Flickr photos along the entire route{alertSuccess}
You have to wait 25 seconds.


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