Seven 7 Minute Workout/ Unlock/Premium

Seven - 7 Minute Workout
Get in shape by exercising seven minutes a day, seven days a week for seven months with the Seven - 7 Minute Workout program!

The program, once launched, will present workouts with accurate illustrations, a stopwatch, and voice instructions that indicate when to take breaks. The software also sends notifications, saves actions in history, allows you to check progress on a graph, and share achievements with friends on social networks.

The user starts training with three lives, if he misses a day, he loses a life. If you miss three workouts in a month, it's game over, so keep an eye on those counters and don't skip.

The app interface is nice and easy to navigate. The user only needs to touch the screen to access the calendar, exercises, and activity history.

  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Convenient interface
  • The program works offline{alertSuccess}
You have to wait 25 seconds.


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