FBReader Premium

FBReader Premium
FBReader Premium - in front of you is a premium version of a well-known and functional application for Android devices for reading. As you know, with the development of technology, books have given way to electronic books, you no longer need to spend a lot of money on buying them, store them somewhere, you don’t need to monitor their condition and beat your parrot to death for pecking at the cover. In general, people interested in e-books need a program to read and open these formats on phones and tablets. Therefore, programs like this were created.

  • Support for various popular e-book formats
  • Ability to edit and copy the text of an e-book the user
  • Yandex and Google services for direct translation of e-books
  • The ability to easily customize text colors, fonts, and other elements as desired by the user
  • Ability to easily and quickly search the full text of books
  • Support for 34 living languages ​​of the world{alertSuccess}
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