Busuu: Learn Languages ​​Premium


Busuu: Learn Languages Premium
Learning languages ​​is a necessary and indispensable skill. To develop in a new language, it is necessary to practice repetition and exercises every day, which are the basis of learning. In addition, it is very important to have contact with people who speak this language in order to be able to apply the learning process and at the same time learn how people use the language in practice.

With the rise of mobile phones, new ways of learning have emerged. One of them is a language app that allows you to develop learning more dynamically, with the ability to conduct classes at any time, as well as focus on several different languages.

Busuu: Learn Languages is one way to learn languages ​​on android with daily lessons focused on the user's chosen languages ​​and learning goals. In addition, this language app offers a community aimed at establishing contacts between speakers of the same language.

  • On the first launch, the program will ask you to do some basic settings so that it can send the lessons and desired communities to the user's profile.
  • The first choice to make is the language you want to learn. 
  • The tool offers more than ten different languages, from English to Arabic. In the free version, you can only start learning one language. In the paid version, you can choose from more languages, in front of you is the Premium edition.
  • After selecting a language, the app will ask you to sign in so that the information is saved and then ask for information about your knowledge of the language. 
  • If you have some kind of base, there is an opportunity to take a test that combines knowledge of the language into tasks that the user must answer.
  • After classification, the user must determine the goals of learning the language in this language application. Classes can be aimed at both general and tourism and other purposes.{alertSuccess}
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